Letter to the Editor - Governor recognizes Head Start programs


Dear Editor,

I am pleased to recognize October, 2017, as “Head Start Awareness” month in the state of Montana.

I believe it takes a village to raise a child and we should recognize Head Start’s critically important work for nearly 5,000 Montana children and their families, not just this month, but every month. Head Start not only provides preschool for 3-5-year-old children, they also prepare families for newborns and help those just beginning their journey as parents to access the resources needed to assist a growing family. Over 30 Head Start programs in Montana serve a wide variety of ethnic groups and income levels, while aiding homeless families, military families, single parents, and young adults working to complete their high school education.

Head Start offers comprehensive health and mental health assistance services, nutrition and cooking instruction, and parental education classes. They also provide essential social services to help Montana families find food to eat, clothing to wear, and a roof over their heads. I appreciate Head Start’s important work with the State of Montana to improve services and strengthen policies that allow low-income families to be adequately served. Whether it is childcare, job development, social services, elementary education or higher education, Head Start has a strong presence at the table as we navigate policy decisions that affect our hard-working Montana families.

These services are critical for the success of Montana’s children and families. Head Start provides Montanans with the ability to succeed by giving families the opportunities afforded by a comprehensive education and social services program. I encourage every community in Montana to show their gratitude toward Head Start and its staff by saying “thank you” this month as we recognize October, 2017, as “Head Start Awareness” month.

Gov. Steve Bullock

Helena, Montana



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