Letter to the Editor - Hypocrisy from the left



Dear Editor,

What do Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Anthony Weiner, Harvey Weinstein and Roman Polanski have in common, other than Hollywood? They’re Hillary supporters and had convictable per jurist statements and sex crimes against women. As for Hillary’s run for the White House as the champion of feminism, it was not a glass ceiling, just a mirror over a waterbed in Hollywood. Might all the evidence available on John Tester’s alliances with the Clinton fundraising syndicate help his re-election? These are just some examples of hypocrisy from the left.

Like being pro-public lands, yet they support the American Prairie Reserve, one of the largest private land grabs in recent history.

They’re all-in on science when it applies to global warming, yet not when it comes to X and Y chromosomes for a man or woman. (Leave the Boy Scouts alone.) Pro-reduction in bovine herds because of flatulence, yet they want to reintroduce large herds of bison (they don’t fart).

They worship Al Gore’s wisdom on climate and ignore his catastrophic carbon footprint.

They’re anti-logging and live in wood homes. They say not all Muslims are terrorists and yet all gun owners are. They’re anti-nuke, yet they supported Hillary’s sale of our nation’s uranium to Russia.

 They say they’re pro-clean energy, yet tear down hydroelectric dams. They complain about foreign countries interfering in elections with Facebook ads yet they approve of George Soro’s funding of communist groups like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA (watch them on Nov. 4).

They support professors teaching what to think, not how to think.

I am sure not all these examples apply to all the left as a whole, nor do the comments of 90 percent of the left stream media about the right.

They’re not all old rich crazy white men with a lot of guns that hate the environment.

They love the environment -- it’s where to shoot guns. Their left stream media profile of citizens that do not believe in communism or socialism or Sharia Law to be the next new law of the land is appalling. More gun laws like Chicago or D.C. will only prove that criminals break the laws.

Try harder to insult what you called the deplorables of America.

Joe Stoltz




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