Letter to the Editor - Lewistown needs Loomis



Dear Editor,

The citizens of Lewistown will not find a more qualified person for the position of Commissioner at large than Clint Loomis. With his experience in the schools and his genuine interest in our community, Clint has an excellent skill set for this position. He is in the right place at the right time to benefit Lewistown.

Clint values the progress made by various organizations, and is well versed in the issues that concern Central Montana. From the environment to the arts, Clint has been a generous and involved participant, who examines situations and projects from all angles and is able to communicate and coordinate with others with the goal of creating a better place to live.

Clint will be able to navigate through the complexities of city government with honesty and enthusiasm. He is the right person for this position.

Linda Tullis




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