Letter to the Editor - No stranger to the entrapment of addiction



Dear Editor,

In the Jan. 11, 2017, News-Argus Sheriff Troy Eades stated, “Drug use in Fergus County is reaching an epidemic level.” He also said, “The expense of drug abuse in a community of our size is enormous. Drugs are destroying our youth and destroying our families.”

I just finished reading Laurie Sweeney’s opinion, “Get Educated About Addiction.” Clearly she is intimately familiar with what goes on at TORCH and Young People In Recovery. 

I am not a stranger to the entrapment of addiction. I am eternally grateful that Jesus Christ set me free from the bondage of addiction. I respect everyone who is walking with or has broken free from the chains of addiction, and I applaud those who have found their way to TORCH and YPR. Friends and family members recovering from the very real struggles of addiction are served by a cadre of compassionate and committed men and women, who have a very special calling at TORCH and YPR. Since the light of TORCH was ignited here in Lewistown, I have been admiring and looking up to those individuals who are actively fulfilling that special calling.

Last November, items were stolen from my car and my neighbors’ cars. When I learned the young men involved were dealing with addiction and most likely were stealing to pay for it, I prayed for the individuals who took those items. I was asked to fill out a victim’s impact statement with a recommendation about punishment. In that statement to the court, I offered to forfeit any restitution costs owed to me, if the funds would be applied to providing counseling to the individuals whose addictions drove them to crime. 

The mission of TORCH is to empower people in recovery and their families by giving them a voice in our community. The vision of TORCH is a recovery-ready community where those returning from treatment are welcomed back into the community without stigma and given opportunities to sustain their recovery.

The intention behind my comments about the drug problem in our community is not to offend those affected by addiction, but rather to support them by making our community more recovery ready, a community where the poison wells that source addictions are dried up.

Jonathan Moor




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