Letter to the Editor - Now it’s the conservatives’ turn

Dear Editor,

It’s exciting times in America. The economy is growing at 3 percent, the stock market is awesome, Unemployment is at an all time low. Companies are coming back to America.

It seems the left doesn’t want to make America great again. Since President Trump was elected they have a “hate Trump” agenda almost anytime of the day. They don’t seem to realize or don’t want to understand why President Trump got elected. How much have our idiots spent on the Russian situation? The double standard is at work -- the other candidate for president can’t seem to realize she lost because of her inability to tell the truth.

You may not agree, but the American public is tired of the swamp in Washington, D.C. Hopefully the cry babies will just let our president do his job. The judge on Fox said there is no law against talking with the Russians.

President Trump has done more to put our country back the way the founding fathers envisioned it in less than a year. Our last president seemed to lean toward socialism. Even though he gets little credit, our nation’s mood has changed. Less regulation is one of the reasons.

The stupid regulations have even trickled down to our local level. It seems we are not even smart enough to burn a burn barrel or a burn pit without a permit. It seems that law enforcement is right there when a fine is involved, but no fine -- they seem to do nothing. An example: a number of years ago a neighbor observed individuals stealing my hay. He got their license plate number and the patrol was parked at Eddies Corner so he reported it. Nothing ever happened.

Enough complaining, as we still live in the greatest country on Earth. The liberal side of the fence had eight years to run our country and now it’s the conservatives’ turn.

Earl Bricker

Moore, Montana



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