Letter to the Editor - People get the government they deserve



Dear Editor,

I have been a frequent visitor to Lewistown over the last decade, and I have found it to be a town with a lot to offer outsiders – small town hospitality, excellent outdoor activities and a pleasant pace of life. I have considered buying or building a home in the area and possibly even opening a small business here, but the actions of the local government over the last several years have definitely put those ideas on hold.

From the way that the city treated the Wilks brothers, to the very unpopular forced annexation, to the more recent animosity and chaos over the mayor/manager vote, it’s quite apparent the government that has been in charge over the last many years feels it has no obligation to the opinion or desires of many of the people they are supposed to represent.

From an objective viewpoint, it actually seems the city government and its vocal group of supporters is dividing this community into two groups: its progressive followers against everyone else, with the government coming out on top at the cost of honesty and integrity.

The latest evidence came in the form of a full page ad in your paper, from people who I assume are in support of the current government, listing over 150 local businesses and organizations that, as the ad implied, are “proud…not negative.” Yet the small print at the bottom of the page notes, “the businesses above have not endorsed this message.” If my business had been included in such an ad, I would consider a libel suit against the purveyors of said ad. An ad like that has only one real purpose: to shame legitimate opposition and opinions into silence.

In conclusion, I will likely not be investing in Lewistown in the near future and can only leave your readers with the famous quote, “A people get the government that they deserve.”

John Chappell

Smithville, Missouri



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