Letter to the Editor - Privileged to have a radiologist of this caliber

Dear Editor,

Dr. Daniel R. Alzheimer saved my life. If the time comes where your life or the life of your loved one hangs on the skill of a quality radiologist looking into your body and spotting a barely discernable sign of cancer, Dan is who you want to entrust your life with.

I thought I had pneumonia. I was 41 and retired from the Marine Corps only three years prior, so when the coughing started in October 2015 I figured it was a minor seasonal ailment. After several months with shortness of breath and a high resting pulse, I decided to get a chest x-ray.

The obvious thing Dan discovered was my chest cavity was about 3/4 full with fluid on the left side. After 2.6 liters was drained out, my breath and pulse went back to normal. However, Dr. Alzheimer’s sharp eye was drawn to something else in the x-ray. It was barely discernible, but Dan noticed a lymph node was larger than normal. A less astute radiologist may have missed such a subtle sign of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Dr. Alzheimer performed a biopsy and had it tested. I was highly blessed to be in Dan’s care.

His attention to his patient didn’t end there. As fluid repeatedly refilled my chest cavity during the next several months, Dan and the radiology team drained over 3 gallons. Each thoracentesis was handled with a high level of expert care, accompanied by an unrivaled bedside manner that put me completely at ease. Every visit, Dan took the time to review my x-rays with me and answer all my questions, showing a genuine concern for my health and wellbeing. Additionally, he answered all of my wife’s many worried questions.

While talking about my ordeal with friends, family, coworkers, church members and the occasional random stranger, I have frequently heard about their own positive experiences with Dr. Alzheimer. The common thread in each story is always Dan’s high quality care coupled with his soothing bedside manner.

I grew up within commuting distance of New York City. Whenever my family needed the world’s most quality doctors, we exercised that privilege. During 20 years of military service, I experienced a wide spectrum of medical staff ranging from high quality to border-line incompetent.

Dan Alzheimer ranks in the highest echelon with the finest doctors I have come in contact with. The patients of Central Montana are truly privileged to have a radiologist of Dr. Alzheimer’s caliber in our times of need, especially when the difference between life and death depends on having a doctor with his skill level.

Jonathan Moor




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