Letter to the Editor - Tester an embarrassment to Montana

Dear Editor,

Senator Tester took his callused third-generation Montana farmer’s hand to pen, in the News-Argus; an attempted cover-up move over his failure to support tax reductions and reform. 

He made two points: it would only benefit the “rich,” and he didn’t get to read it before the vote.

Only a fool would believe if Tester went to his Republican “friends” in the Senate and said he would support a tax reduction/reform bill, but wanted to be included in the discussion, he would be rejected. The Republicans were having enough problems trying to get a vote from their own members not to welcome help from the Democrats. Tester would not have supported any tax reform bill. Tester does not represent Montana; he represents the Democratic Party and his own re-election.

He forgets he and fellow Democrat Baucus (the Obama care author) stuck us with Obama care without reading the bill, which forced us to buy useless health insurance (they exempted themselves), not health care. If you doubt this, ask yourself if a person who couldn’t afford health insurance pre-Obama care can now pay a $5 to $10 thousand deductible before the Obama care insurance starts to pay. Of course not, they are still back to the emergency room. Tester recently voted against replacing Obama care, and I would bet he still has not read the bill.

He says only the “rich” will benefit, and for some reason money will be taken out of Montana. How does he know this if he wasn’t able to read the bill?  If tax reform is enacted the economy will boom and Tester {Democrats} certainly doesn’t want a good economy in the 2018 elections. 

Tax reform is not a new welfare program. It reduces the taxes on people who pay them, and since the upper middle class and rich pay most of the taxes, they will benefit the most. Reducing corporate taxes means more jobs and higher wages in the USA not in foreign countries. More business and jobs, equal more tax payers and revenue, so increasing the national debt is not necessarily going to happen.

Tester is an embarrassment and no friend to Montana. He does not want jobs and opportunity for Montanans because a dependency on government programs is what he and the Democrats depend upon for power. Send him back to the farm in 2018.


Gary Fitzpatrick  




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