Letter to the Editor - Tester not so trustworthy on deficit, taxes

Dear Editor,

I read in the paper where Senator Tester is trying to convince us he is a deficit hawk. Really! He is complaining about our great President Donald Trump’s new tax reform program he says is going to cost us a trillion and a half, or some such thing. He also has the gall to write that we are already $20 trillion in debt. Does he think we are so stupid that we will forget he and his bunch of culprits are the ones that put us in most of that debt?

Under President Obama the debt was run up to the astronomical amount of nearly $10 trillion, I read. This doubled the debt in eight short years from $10 to $20 trillion. This amounts to the debt we accumulated through at least two major world wars and 233 years under the first 43 presidents combined, I’m told. That means Barak Obama, Jon Tester and the Democratic Party cost us in eight years what all the presidents from George Washington to George W. Bush did. Senator Tester supported the Obama agenda almost 100 percent of the time. Once in a while they might let him off the Democratic vote-block-reservation when he needed a conservative vote to look good, to fool folks.

As far as tax reform and breaks go, this has been proven to work in the past. John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan both showed this with their tax-break programs. They gave us some of our greatest growth and prosperity in our history. Reagan’s tax breaks even lasted and gave us prosperity through the Clinton years.

Jon Tester, the fake news and the Democratic scoundrels I do not trust with our future. Let’s give this new kind of businessman president a chance. The stock market is waaayyy up, many new record highs, the unemployment is waaayyy down, and the illegal immigration has been cut back as much as 72 percent, it has been reported. 

Trust Trump; Tester not so much. Have a Merry Christmas season.

Norm Coleman




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