Letter to the Editor - Vote for candidates who get involved



Dear Editor,

With an election quickly approaching, it is unfortunate that once again such negativity and mudslinging is happening all around us. While I agree not everything in our town is perfect, I also know we are extremely blessed to live in such a wonderful community, and I am very proud to call Lewistown my home.

One of the reasons we love living here is because of the shared vision of so many to help make our community the best that it can be. Over the years, our community has come together time and time again for projects such as building the new high school and performing arts center, creating the Central Montana Education Center, rehabilitating the City pool, etc. We have a plethora of exciting improvements also currently in the works, including the renovation of a large downtown building, a new brewery and Creekside pavilion being built, a building expansion at Central Montana Head Start, etc. All of these projects came about because citizens wanted to improve the community and worked together to make it happen.

I find it sad and ironic that many of the candidates for the City Commission, who are so critical of our town and its government, are not involved in any current improvement efforts. I personally want our City Commission to be comprised of individuals who have worked tirelessly to better our City over the years, instead of standing on the sidelines and complaining. Being a naysayer and speaking so harshly about our community is not the way to make a positive impact, as it discourages people from moving here, investing in business, and it gives our town a black eye. It is easy to complain, but getting involved and making a difference takes time, passion, commitment and leadership. That is the type of person I want to represent me. And that is why I am endorsing Diane Oldenburg, Clint Loomis, Patty Turk and Beth Putnam for the City Commission.

It would be foolish to hire someone with no experience to lead a business and it is foolish to elect officials with no experience and/or expertise to the Commission. Doing so would create chaos and harm the momentum that is currently in place. So, if you truly care about the future of our community, then please vote for the candidates with a track record of getting involved and improving our town.

Jennifer Pfau




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