Letter to the Editor - Vote for those who’ll take Lewistown to ‘next’



Dear Editor,

In life we all have choices. And amongst those that I’m proudest of having made is my decision to call Lewistown home. Having lived many other places, I knew it wasn’t perfect. Yet every time I looked around at all that surrounds us, I knew there was no better choice. However the best reason for being part of this community is the people themselves; the majority of whom not only work hard, but do their best to make our town a better place to live and be successful.

Sadly, some newcomers and several long-term naysayers prefer to be our harshest critics. Rather than think positively – they rant negatively; often distorting the facts in the hope that others will join them on the dark side.

Thankfully many community leaders and humble folk alike are standing up against such foolishness, proving time and time again that great things have been happening on the local front. And given all that is still to be accomplished, even more exciting opportunities loom on our horizon.

This election day I will be voting for those City Commissioner candidates who are committed to taking Lewistown to “Next.” Therefore if you believe in a bright future for Lewistown, you will join me in casting your ballots for Diane Oldenburg, Patty Turk, Beth Putnam and Clint Loomis.

Accentuate the positive; eliminate the negative.

Greg Clark




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