Letter to the Editor - What is Advent?

Dear Editor,

What is Advent?

What are we waiting for? What are we looking for?

We live in a time when situational ethics, secular humanism and the dictatorship of relativism reign. Situational ethics begets secular humanism; secular humanism begets the dictatorship of relativism. 

What are those, you ask? Situational ethics is a practice in which the situation determines what is right or wrong. Students might be asked something like, “If you are in a boat and it starts to sink, whom do you toss out? The disabled and elderly or the young and healthy?”

Situational ethics has begot our age of Secular Humanism in that we determine our own truth. Sometimes it is a collective decision (government) that is imposed overall. In these beliefs we are not driven by a higher power or standards, but by our own mind’s determination of what is right or wrong.

“I’ll do it my way!”

“Don’t tell me what to do!”

All of this leads to the dictatorship of relativism. There are no absolutes; I can define who I am and what I believe. This can lead to utter chaos, unless, of course, you have a government that takes control of every aspect of our thinking, doing, believing and assets.

Situational ethics, secular humanism and the dictatorship of relativism seemingly bring us real freedom. But do they really?

We are approaching Advent again for another year. Why is this so important? What is it? Have we lost the real meaning of Advent?

Advent is the coming of the Truth. This Truth should take precedent over all the above. Advent is the coming of the Way, the Truth and the Life. Only in following the Way will we really have life. Only in knowing the Truth can we be truly free and fulfilled.

Pat Irish




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