Letter to the Editor - Why not run for precinct committee person?




Dear Editor,

Montana’s three political parties control access to the General Election ballot. 

Montanans can influence their parties at the grassroots level by electing 3,186 precinct persons in 56 counties. 

In 2014, no one filed for 2,630, or 82 percent of the positions. Of the 571 positions for which persons filed, only 54 were contested. That small number of names was seen on the ballot by neighbors.

Each county committee’s quorum of representatives, equal to 50 percent or more of precinct positions, can be a valuable forum for discussing and addressing issues. For those committees to reflect community sentiments upward, they must be filled by persons representing their neighbors. 

You can be appointed, if the precinct person before you has died.  Shouldn’t you instead welcome the opportunity to visit with your neighbors, or have them challenge you? 

Once in office for two years, you will be standing on your own feet on behalf of your friends and neighbors.

Drop by your County Clerk’s office and file for precinct committee person in the party of your choice by the end of this candidate-filing period.

John Driscoll




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