Letter to the Editor - Writer responds to ‘outsider’ opinion


Dear Editor,

I’m writing in response to John Chappell’s letter to the editor (Oct. 25) entitled “People get the government they deserve.” It’s always nice to hear from – to use Mr. Chappell’s word – an “outsider,” explaining how not only our local government, but also our local businesses, are apparently incapable of managing their affairs – at least to his satisfaction. I was pleased to be one of the “proud…not negative” businesses listed in the full-page ad. Leave it to an “outsider” to immediately “consider a libel suit against the purveyors of said ad.”

To be sure, government in a small town can be a challenging matter. For the most part, people know each other, but that certainly doesn’t mean they agree. It takes conviction and commitment to make hard decisions and see them through, knowing that there are going to be people you know who are going to be upset with the outcome. Apparently in Missouri it’s easier to blame and demonize than try to understand things like that.

Mr. Chappell is certainly entitled to his “objective” opinion, no matter how ignorant of the facts. It’s my opinion that Lewistown will be better off without your condescension, and your money.

Doug Stephens, owner

East Side Car Wash, Lewistown



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