Letter misrepresents Gianforte information

Dear Editor,
Ms. Thaxter’s tirade (in the Oct. 15 News-Argus) against governor-candidate Gianforte is total misinformation. She claims Greg Gianforte has only lived in Montana for two years -- he moved to Bozeman over 20 years ago. Her description of the company Mr. Gianforte founded (he owned the company—not an employee as Ms. Thaxter stated) is also falsely stated. Recently retiring, Greg Gianforte sold this international Bozeman-based company, Right Now Technology. (Senator Daines was in fact one of his highly paid executives—not just an “employee.”)
The company hired over 500 employees in Bozeman (not her stated 150) who averaged $90,000 salaries (not minimum wage as she stated). In addition he also employed hundreds of international employees as his company expanded beyond Montana, making him one of Montana’s most successful businessmen. In my opinion, it is Ms. Thaxter, not Mr. Gianforte, who “…lies, cheats and puts on a front. …”
In addition, look a little closer at Governor Bullock’s character before you “jump on his bandwagon.” Ask him why he reportedly escorted the director of the Department of Commerce to the McCartney concert in Missoula (flying in the State airplane, as I understand, at a cost of $15,000 between Helena and Missoula -- very expensive “perk” for our governor. I could make that 1.5-hour trip by car a lot cheaper). I’m told that according to state airplane records, this same lady has accompanied Governor Bullock on over 50 trips at taxpayer expense, including a reputed trip to the Kentucky Derby. But then nobody is perfect.
Ed Butcher



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