Letters to the Editor

Is there a parallel here?

Dear Editor,
Since Trump won, the Democrats – excuse me – the Socialist Democrats have been protesting. and it’s their right to do this. But it isn’t their right to destroy personal or government property. They haven’t murdered anyone yet, but have put some policemen in the hospital. Now we haven’t heard any of the Socialist Democrats denounce any of these activities; resident, vice president or Socialist Democrats in Congress.
Now in the Muslim world, the mainstream Muslims, religious sects or any of the minor sects don’t speak out strong or en masse against the destruction of property or killing of people of their own religion or any other religions.
It sure looks like there is a parallel here, but [I] am just an ordinary citizen of this great country but I have been around the block a time or two, and know that silence in respect to something wrong is dangerous. I have traveled outside of this country and have seen how other people live. I do not just follow the liberal press and encourage learning from other sources.
You make up your own mind if there is somewhat a parallel. All things start small.
Floyd Blair

There’s only
one Brewery Flats

Dear Editor,
I am at Brewery Flats more days than not, weather permitting. It is truly a unique and special place, loved by many.
It would break my heart to see it destroyed and made into a soccer complex. Not only would it be upsetting for me and many of my friends that love it for its solitude, peace and beauty, but for the wildlife that call it home.
Wildlife is abundant; I have seen bunnies, a huge variety of birds, many deer and even a bobcat.
I feel it’s very unfair to take a very loved recreational place away from one group and give it over to another. There are alternate places for a soccer field, but Brewery Flats would be lost to those who love it, forever.
I completely agree with and support a new soccer field, just not at Brewery Flats. It took a lot of money and hard work from others to make it how it is and should be left as natural and perfect as it is.
Mandi Kingsford



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