Letters to the Editor

Study, then make your
opinion on soccer fields known

Dear Editor,
There has been some discussion lately about the proposal to build two soccer fields in the southern end of Brewery Flats. Some of the commentary opposing the project has been constructive and forced us to dig deep, talk to experts, and rethink our proposal. And, still our proposal is not complete!
We actually have not submitted a finished proposal to the City. Yet, some of the commentary is misguided. Some have argued that the field would be flooded or is in the floodplain, yet the floodplain map and an aerial photo of the large flood of 2011 show the area high and dry. Many argue that bird life would be negatively affected, yet the field area already experiences walkers, joggers, bikers, and free-running dogs, and contains virtually no native plant life to support bird habitat. Our plan for the area surrounding the field would greatly improve the bird habitat by reintroducing native plants while removing the non-natives. I’ve read that we won’t look at other options and don’t want to pay for it. We have looked at every option brought to our attention and we will continue to. We will pay for the changes or nothing will happen. Furthermore, nothing we propose to do will cost the city more money if our group dissolves for some reason; in fact, by removing the noxious weeds, we will remove a future expense.
We suggest that if you feel strongly about the trail system or Brewery Flats or green space or native habitat, you should study our display and walk the area in order to make up your mind on whether or not this proposed change in your city-owned park is favorable to you, then make your opinion known. This is the only way we can truly call Brewery Flats “ our gem.”
And, please contact us with your questions or suggestions. We have searched for a suitable location over the past year and we will continue searching until we have found one.
Soccer season will start in March. Come out to Symmes Park and watch us play!
Brett Thackeray
Lewistown Soccer Club



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