Letters to the Editor

Sid, a beloved pet

Dear Editor,
We all speak of a loss of a loved-one, friend or acquaintance but rarely speak about the loss of a beloved pet.
We recently lost our pet dog “Sid,” a black and tan dachshund that passed away at age 16. Through his whole life he looked as if he was a puppy. Although of small size, he reigned with the attitude of a large king. Sid would make sure the other dogs knew he was the oldest and to meet his demands.
But with his sternness there was also a very docile and kind heart, even with cats.
It always felt great to be met at the door with his weird but humorous, toothy smile.
Many hours we lay watching TV with only a grunt if one were moving around too much.
I can remember him walking through grass taller than he, without fear or concern, as if he was the biggest one around.
Sid placed a very fond special memory in our hearts and minds.
I guess he really was as big as he thought.
Roger Petersen, Jr.

Repertory Theater
performance ‘amazing’

Dear Editor,
Once again the Lewistown Kiwanis Club brought the Montana Repertory Theatre to Lewistown. This year’s production was Neil Simon’s “Barefoot in the Park.”
It was an amazing production, and it was an absolutely wonderful experience to hear so much laughter in light of all the problems in the world. Well over 350 people attended.
This production is a major fundraiser for the Kiwanis Club and the profits are used to help kids in the area and the Special K Ranch out of Billings. Kiwanis greatly appreciates all of our sponsors. Without their generosity, this live theater production would not be possible.
Coming in February of 2018 will be “On Golden Pond.”
Cherie Neudick, president
Lewistown Kiwanis Club



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