Letters to the Editor

Re-curving Spring
Creek a boondoggle

Dear Editor,
The millions of dollars being spent on making curves in Spring Creek on the fairgrounds road is another example of finding a project on which to waste millions of dollars that also results in a good piece of farmland being removed from production.
That short piece of straightened creek has gotten along fine for the past 50 years, plus the county received taxes from high quality farmland, and thousands of dollars of agricultural income was produced from a useful parcel of land. There are plenty of miles of creek to provide good fishing. If the government agencies want to spend money on fishing, it would have been much better spent leasing or buying access points for public fishing than this boondoggle. If the landowner wanted to re-curve the creek, let him pay for it... his family straightened it out in the first place.
Ed Butcher

Veteran enjoys
Lewistown Junior High event

Dear Editor,
As a ‘67-’68 military veteran, I thoroughly enjoyed the event at the Lewistown Junior High School.
If you truly believe that Christianity was not a major part of this nation’s early heritage, you should review our nation’s Flag-Folding Ceremony and pay particular attention to what is read during the last three foldings out of a 13-fold sequence of our American Flag.
Also, I would like to address Christina Clinton of the News-Argus staff:
You have the same right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as the rest of us. Your ethnicity or skin color endangers you no more or no less than wearing a United States military uniform in a foreign country. Consider turning off your TV and canceling some “news” subscriptions and simply getting on with your life. Have a peaceful day.
Gordon Wentworth



Lewistown currently has a population of about 6,000 people. What do you think is the ideal population level for Lewistown?