Letters to the Editor

Life is a gift of God

Dear Editor,
As a great-grandmother and citizen of this great nation, I must speak up. I believe all human flesh is endowed by God to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. In my youth, our culture honored motherhood, treating women with dignity and respect.
The evening before Ash Wednesday, Feb. 28, we viewed President Trump’s appeal for unity to the joint houses of Congress on television. Our attention was repeatedly drawn toward a group of legislators attired in white, to protest Trump’s plan to trim Planned Parenthood’s funding. I would challenge the use of our taxes to destroy human life, reducing us all to the level of the genocide campaigns of Nazi Germany and Cambodia. Life is a gift of God to mankind. Imagine a child on Christmas morning destroying her gift sight unseen. Sure she would be chastised and disciplined.
The Zero Population Growth of the 60s began our culture’s decreasing its most precious treasure – our children – subtly, leading us to now accepting the destruction of 3,000 unborn every day and diminishing respect of women and life’s sanctity. The video that supposedly shows a Planned Parenthood doctor at lunch discussing their methods and business profits of selling body parts of aborted babies demands we reevaluate and change direction. Perhaps red more aptly represents this organization’s need for funding.
President Trump concluded his appeal with “God bless America.” I propose, in light of the above, we add “God have mercy on America,” praying for a change of heart in our culture.
Lent, the 40-day journey to Easter – is marked by the color purple – a sign of reparation and repentance. I invite all questioning right to life and right of choice to join us donning purple mentality to pray for knowledge of law and justice, meditate on our Constitution and seek the path of truth and light.
Susan Morris



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