Letters to the Editor

We need more
people like this

Dear Editor,
I am on the Lewistown area Nature Tourism Committee. This is an outgrowth the ROC (Revitalize Our Community) meetings we had here a year and a half or so back. The main goal of the ROC group, and a number of different committees that came out of it, is to find ways to lift up and help make Lewistown more dynamic and prosperous. There were over 60 folks that came together to brainstorm ideas to improve our already wonderful and blessed area. These were good people willing to take the time to try to improve our town. Our committee is working on ways to showcase our abundant natural resources and promote tourism.
At the committee meeting the other morning, one member pointed out that six out of eight there that morning were from other places. Whoa, I was surprised! These folks, who must have adopted Lewistown as their own, are obviously very much in love with this town/area. Should these folks be told they are not Lewistownians just because they weren’t born here? I would think not. They are, from what I can see, amongst the most ardent and instrumental people in helping Lewistown move forward in a positive direction. We need people like this.
The same could be asked of businesses that have located here bringing jobs and prosperity. HCR doors is one that quickly comes to mind. We should be very pleased, happy and welcoming to businesses like this that have located in our community.
We have a man, an honorable man from what I know, who has chosen to make Montana his home, locate his business here, raise his kids and help Montana prosper. I think where you choose to raise your kids for 20 years becomes their, and your, home. That man, Greg Gianforte, is now running for our congressional representative. I believe he is doing it because he loves Montana and wants us to be heard.
I have briefly met him a couple of times when he was in town. He seemed like a regular, nice, authentic gentleman to me. I have friends who have spent time with him and know him better. They say the same of Mr. Gianforte. He doesn’t come off as egotistical at all. The main arguments I hear against Greg are he is prosperous and moved here. Isn’t that the kind of person we want to populate our towns, cities and state?

Kirk Eastman



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