Letters to the Editor

Help the fear go
away, not the family

Dear Editor,
I was born with white skin. My first (and only) language is American English. Therefore, beyond a few very bad Irish/red hair jokes, I have never personally experienced prejudice. But even though I was born lucky and find it hard to imagine having to worry that someone would hate me because of my skin color... we all know it happens. We all know it’s real.
So if someone comes to live in this town we love and is brave enough to tell us we have made her and her family fearful, I can only hope that most of us would respond with some kindness and reassurance.
Maybe we could help the fear go away – not the family.
Florence Kettering

The ‘yippee’
heard across the land

Dear Editor,
I, too, was looking at the moon on election night.
I’m a thousand miles from Lewistown in Las Vegas, Nev. I’m not sure it was Norm’s “yippee” I heard that night or the Liberty Bell ringing throughout the land. At any rate, it was wonderful to hear.
There were a few Trump signs here in Las Vegas, but the one I was very pleased to see was the big one at the White House.
Crooked Hillary? No way.
Dale Knox
Las Vegas (formerly of Lewistown)



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