Letters to the Editor

School levy needed to replace state funding reductions

Dear Editor,
The Lewistown schools are hoping for support from the local taxpayers in the upcoming election. The administration and the school board have outlined projected cuts that are painful, but are needed in order to balance our budget. Without the voted levy, we are looking at further cuts in order to keep expenses paid. Lewistown, and schools all over Montana, are seeing state funding reductions that are putting more pressure on local property taxes.
Phil Koterba

Quist is
just job-hunting

Dear Editor,
I listen to the ads from a guitar-playing person who doesn’t pay his bills, is behind in his taxes, was sued by a band member, etc. – all not proven but not denied either. He is critical of a millionaire from New Jersey, wow. Was Gianforte a millionaire when he came to Montana? He and his wife started a business in their garage and built it into a multi-million dollar business, employing many top-paid employees; what has Quist done?
Quist is a Montanan by birth; Gianforte is a Montanan by choice.
I am a third-generation Montanan; my grandfathers on both sides of my family homesteaded in Central Montana in 1882 – is that all it takes to be qualified to be senator, congressman or governor? I think not.
The latest news on Quist is back in Woodstock days in 1969. Quist proudly and publicly proclaimed his association with this event. In my opinion, these same people were the ones who spit on and mocked returning Vietnam veterans. I wonder if he would get Hanoi Jane to help him in D.C.?
Personally, I think he is just looking for a job. If he can get this job and keep it for four years, he’ll have it made and never have to work again, just live off taxpayers and strum his way off into the sunset.
Now that Bernie Sanders joined the circus, I’d like to ask him how democratic socialism is working out in Venezuela.
Ted F. Murray

Quist best
to represent
Montana voters

Dear Editor,
Montanans will soon conduct a special election to select our state’s sole member of the U.S. House of Representatives. At a time when our country seems more divided than ever and our governing mechanisms in Washington, D.C. appear uninterested or unable to bridge those divides, such an election assumes special emphasis.
Rob Quist’s position statements are clear and direct. He will work to support the agricultural economy, expand small business opportunities and protect the foundations of public education. He believes all Americans should have access to quality, affordable health insurance; and feels public lands should be retained. He supports revising our federal tax code in an equitable manner.
Quist has experienced first-hand the difficult financial challenges of taxes and health related expenses. While he has been able to pay off these debts (3/27/2017 interview with MTN) he cannot self-fund his campaign. Rather, his campaign will continue to be a grass roots effort with support coming from thousands of Montanans looking for a candidate who shares their values.
Greg Gianforte’s campaign statements about women’s health issues, public land retention and public land access often conflict with a complex maze of personal actions, and family foundation financial contributions. He has been extremely successful in business (and we commend him for this success) and has access to staggering wealth to fund his campaign and influence voters. He also has the support of political action committees that have reportedly pledged between $700,000 and $1,500,000 toward attack advertising designed to sway voters. Such support often comes with a price; objectivity.
Montana voters are desperately looking for a candidate who if elected, will adhere to his pledge to listen to constituents and further their needs in Washington.
We feel Rob Quist is better positioned to represent our values and concerns in the U.S. House of Representatives. Craig Flentie, Susan Flentie, Gary E. Slagel, Debra K. Slagel, Jeff Shelden, Lois Shelden, Charlie Brown, Diann DeRosier, Rachel Stansberry, Sandy Mikeson, Susan Valach, Bob Valach, James Fox, Sandy Fox, Holly Heser, Marie Anderson, Andrea Payne, John Payne, Joanne Berry, Sarah Smith, Connie Hyde, Sandy Armstad, Chris Merker, Carol Brown, Emily Hodge, Kim Waldmann, Dani Phillips, Tom Anderson and Ruth Wicks



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