Candidate credits local man with results
Saturday, June 16, 2018

Dear Editor,

Anyone that has ever been a candidate or worked on a campaign knows that it takes many individuals to help you win. That was certainly the case in my recent primary victory for the District 1 Public Service Commission. My family and I are very appreciative of those individuals who did help me in this primary. I would also like to give recognition to a special person whom I admire, the late Trevis Butcher from Winifred.

Trevis was an incredible man and mentor to me and many others. That is why I am dedicating my campaign to Trevis.

He understood that in a two-party system, selecting the right candidate in the primary is critical. He knew it was important to get involved in a primary and analyze the candidates’ core values. He promoted the concept of “transparency” in politicians’ actions, because too many politicians hide behind mis-information by hiding their anti-taxpayer/consumer liberalism by false claims of conservatism.

That is central to Trevis Butcher’s creation of Legistats. His Legistats program measures and ranks legislators’ voting records when they desert the conservative values of the current Republican Party Platform we conservatives expect. Trevis expected an elected official to be true to his campaign words, and to be held accountable. He stood fast in making sure the candidates would uphold our Constitution. Trevis had a desire to help educate individuals who might not know how to look up information or have the time to research a candidate’s actual record of representing their voter.

He worked tirelessly in all his endeavors and never expected anything in return. I want to uphold these values, too. My record of my service in the Montana Legislature was totally transparent, thanks to Trevis Butcher.

Randall Pinocci

Sun River, Montana



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