Lewis and Clark holds first election for Service Council

Danny Wirtzberger

Principal Danny Wirtzberger (back, left) oversees a speech given by Julia Kunau, a student service council candidate.
Photo courtesy of Lewis and Clark Elementary School

The students of Lewis and Clark started something new this year. In the past, the intermediate school had a Service Council. Service Council provided students with a voice in their school at bi-weekly meetings. Service Council also provided helpers for the school and the community. For instance, last year the service council went to read to the Valley Vista Villa residents, and did garbage clean-ups frequently around the school. The Service Council also helps with all of the school fundraisers for Lewis and Clark.

Students were picked to be Service Council members in their classrooms. They told the class why they wanted to be part of the Service Council through a classroom speech and their own class voted on who should represent them each quarter.

This year there have been some new goals. Lewis and Clark wanted more stability in the group. They decided to have elected positions for the Service Council. The hope is to provide a solid voice for the students at each meeting. The elected positions are the President (sixth-grade), Secretary of State (sixth-grade), Vice President (fifth-grade), and Secretary of the Union (fifth-grade). These elected positions are in addition to the service council representatives from each classroom each quarter.

The process was fun. If a student wanted to become an Elected Service Council Officer, they had to first get a petition from the office and explain why they would make a good Service Council Officer. This petition had to be signed by 15 of their peers. After the petition was completed, they were entered into the preliminary vote. The vote was completed by all Lewis and Clark students. Thirty-eight Lewis and Clark students participated in the preliminary vote. Three students from each office were then selected to move onto the campaign process.

The candidates were tasked to pick a Campaign Manager and campaign for one week. The campaign concluded with a speech in front of the whole school. This also marked the first time Lewis and Clark used Facebook Live to broadcast a school event. (If you would like to see all of the happenings at Lewis and Clark, please friend Lewis and Clark on Facebook or @wirtzberger on Twitter.)

Our students voted the following day and chose their Service Council Officers. Lewis and Clark Secretary of the Union will be Rebecca Birdwell. Lewis and Clark Secretary of the State will be Brooke Ruckman. Lewis and Clark Vice President will be Kayla Jensen. Lewis and Clark President will be Julia Kunau.



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