Lewistown crew among those sent to help with California power emergency

Managing Editor

A sign warns motorists in northern California of flooded roads ahead. Storm damage has left some without power, something four Lewistown-based NorthWestern Energy employees will be helping with.

AP Photo


A four-person crew from Lewistown has joined with other Northwestern Energy employees headed to northern California to assist with problems caused by flooding.

According to Northwestern spokesperson Butch Larcombe, the four-member crew from Lewistown includes a foreman, two journeymen linemen and an apprentice. All together, Northwestern is sending 37 workers to help with downed power lines and other problems.

“It’s not very common that we do this, but we do have mutual aid agreements with other states and when they ask, we try to respond,” Larcombe said, adding that the request for help came from California’s Pacific Gas and Electric Company. “It sounds like the intense rain is causing problems over there.”

“The request came in around 9:30 in the morning and by 12:30 [p.m.] we had about 27 trucks on the road and 37 people going,” Larcombe added.

Larcombe said the crews will be working in the Redding area of northern California, helping to restore power. He said the crews will be in California for a week or longer.

“It’s going to take them two days just to get there,” Larcombe said, “so they aren’t just going to work a couple of days and then come back.”




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