Lewistown Field Office to lower water level at Dry Blood Reservoir

Wave action causes erosion and threatens Dry Blood Reservoir in Petroleum County.
Photo courtesy of the Bureau of Land Management

The Bureau of Land Management Lewistown Field Office is in the process of lowering the water level of Dry Blood Reservoir. Dry Blood Reservoir is located approximately 15 miles north of Winnett, off Valentine Road.
Wind-caused wave action is causing erosion that is undercutting existing slope protection, and threatening to damage the outlet controls of the reservoir. There is no danger of the existing dam structure failing.
The lowered water level will allow the field office to place additional rocks along the bank to stop the erosion and prevent the outlet controls from being damaged to the point they would no longer function.
The Lewistown Field Office contacted Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks about lowering the water level of the reservoir and the potential impacts that this will have on the existing fishery. It will be necessary to keep the water low until the erosion can be repaired and it is very likely that fish in the reservoir will not survive though next winter.
It is unfortunate that the water level in the reservoir has to be lowered, potentially impacting the quality of the fishing; however, without this action, further damage would occur requiring a longer repair time at a greater cost.



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