Lewistown Fire Chief providing community with smoke detectors

Charlie Denison

Lewistown Fire Chief Keith Kucera stands by a City fire truck holding one of the 250 smoke detectors he ordered for people in the community to pick up and put to use.

Photo by Charlie Denison

Lewistown Fire Chief Keith Kucera is spreading holiday cheer in a way only a fire chief can: by providing smoke detectors to members of the community who need them.

Thanks to a $25,000 grant from the Central Montana Tavern Association, Kucera and the LFD are bringing back the smoke detector program, one that’s taken place a number of years in the past.

“Our number one job is making sure the public is safe,” Kucera said, “and this is one way of ensuring safety.”

Kucera said it’s absolutely essential to have at least one smoke detector per floor of each home in town. Preferably, he said it’s best to have one smoke detector per sleeping quarter.

“There aren’t any laws saying you have to put smoke detectors in, but they are essential when it comes to fire safety,” Kucera said, “and there is a law that landlords must have working smoke detectors in place for their renters.”

It’s important smoke detectors are in place and working, Kucera said, which is why the LFD is willing to install them for people.

“We want to make sure the smoke detectors get put up and are up in the proper place,” Kucera said. “We also want to make sure the smoke detectors aren’t just sitting in a box on the counter a year after being handed out.”

Smoke detectors are for any and all who could use one, Kucera said, and there are no hidden fees or paperwork involved.

“All you have to do is call 535-1780,” Kucera said. “Set up an appointment and we’ll even install the smoke detectors free of charge.”





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