Is Lewistown a stranger to the rational?

Dear Editor,
Judging by the preponderance of items in the “Opinion” section of the News-Argus, one is tempted to conclude Lewistown is a stranger to the rational, buried in the La Brea tar pits of often semi-literate, too-often irrational and vitriolic rants of those opposed to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. But then appear reasonable offerings from writers such as Dean Martin (July 20) and Christina Clinton (July 30). Martin (no relation so far as I know) asks the valid question, “If we continue to marginalize groups of people based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender and whatever group makes us uncomfortable, can we build enough walls or implement enough bans?” The rational answer, no.
Clinton, of the News-Argus staff writes, “...intolerant voices seem to be the only ones capable of making noise in Lewistown... to encourage hate, fear and willful ignorance of anyone different from the ‘self’.” She remarks on the enormous importance of diversity in our individual and national lives. “You might want to lower your voices when discussing “... the ‘wall’ while sipping margaritas at El Rancho Alegre.” Or, “... the ‘stolen’ American jobs while dining on pot-stickers at China Garden.” Is the term Tokyo Towers anything like Trump Towers?
As Clinton concludes, “... change can be frightening.” (This is especially so for the easily frightened and makes them easy prey for the demagogue.) “...but it also brings new growth, ideas, discoveries and life into our community... that will help make Lewistown –and America– even greater than it already is.”
Thus, “Make America Great Again” is not rational.
Roland T. Martin
Melbourne, Fla.



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