Lewistown Trails Coordinating Committee

In attendance at the Tuesday, June 13 meeting were Jim Chalmers, Clint Loomis, Karen Sweeney, Billie Ayers and Brad McCardle.


Treasurer’s report:

Billie reported that the only unrestricted funds left at CMF amount to $1,035.06. This plus our bank balance brings the total funds to $56,288 after netting out the pending $24,000 match obligation for the Paving Grant, leaves $32,288 unrestricted.


Business discussed:

Billie A said that the invitations for the breweries for Trails and Ales 2017 were out but that the response to date had been sparse. The Committee agreed it wasn’t a problem as we could supplement with purchased craft beers and have plenty of variety.

Karen Sweeney reported on the Creekside Market and Pavillion Project. The City Commission has voted to have the old mill building demolished and Karen reported her committee is working on a funding strategy. There was also good news, it appears that the brewery project is moving forward.

Brad reported that the trail paving was nearing completion. Per Tim Robertson’s memo, the interface between the trail and the street needs attention in some places. Some of the work on completing the airport loop is scheduled but has not yet been started.

Brad reported he and Clint Smith had met at the Creek and established the location of the bridge. He thinks a 95-foot span is realistic. He has not yet had an opportunity to meet with Pam Vosen and Clint, but they are working on finding a mutually acceptable time to get a handle on permitting requirments. Jim C explained the two bridge options – the Great Falls pipe bridge option and the Continental Truss bridge option. It appears we could do the pipe bridge option as well as a small bridge across an irrigation ditch on the Lazy KB FAS for the $40,000 we have in the RTP grant. The Continental Bridge would be closer to $70,000 all in. The Committee also felt the pipe bridge was more in keeping with the informal trail concept that would characterize the trail in that area. It was decided Jim C. and Brad would pursue the pipe bridge option.

Billie outlined an exciting Web Site concept that would brand the trails, increase their visibility and make the Lewistown opportunities much more accessible to users, both local and nonlocal. The project would have three components – design, photography and implementation. The Committee authorized a not-to-exceed budget of $4,500 for development of the site.


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