Library Happenings

The Lewistown Public Library is shown as it is represented on the Pokémon Go app trending now.

Photo courtesy of the Lewistown Public Library


Musings on library serenity

Where has the time gone? Can it really almost be August? The summer has flown by here at the Lewistown Public Library. The reason: the Summer Reading Program, of course. The LPL staff challenged ourselves to “Get in the Game” this summer and the community has turned out in spades to participate. The adult participation numbers have doubled and youth participation in programming has seen a drastic increase. In other words, we are rocking and rolling this summer. Library items are flying off the shelves; patrons researching genealogy are constantly sharing their stories and discovering long forgotten family treasures; and I do believe our front desk has literally become the epicenter of Lewistown.

We love being a place of raucous discourse. But we also love being a space that provides mindful revitalization. That is why we are focusing on both mind and body wellness this week for the Summer Reading Program. Guided meditations for adults and yoga classes for kids have given us time for some much needed rest and reflection. And what have we found out? Amongst the wonderful chaos of our summer adventures a moment of peace is a thing to be cherished. Our Wednesday story time group explored a couple of meditative activities that helped promote a moment of calm. After a fun yoga practice with yoga instructor Emily Hodge, the kids were split into two groups where they were encouraged to create sand labyrinths and color mandalas. Both activities afforded the kids moments of calm serenity... a pretty magical moment to watch.

If you and your family are searching for a moment’s peace, check into the youth yoga collection. These books offer short and fun yoga practices for the family to enjoy. I recommend “Good Morning Yoga” and “Good Night Yoga,” both by Miriam Gates, and “The Yoga Game” by Kathy Beliveau.


Programs and events

Summer Reading Program: Sign up began on June 7. Come on in and sign up for great summer fun and prizes. One of the fun things we are doing this week is our Board Game and Popcorn Social Thursday night at 6 p.m.

Some of our upcoming “Family Events” include: Music at the Library, on July 14 and Reading at the Park, Aug. 4 at 5 p.m.


LPL is a Poké Stop

On an evening stroll up Main Street last week with my family, my son discovered the Lewistown Public Library is a Poké Stop. This was an exciting discovery and is a bonus for our public library.

Pokémon Go is the new game craze this summer and is based off the 1990s Pokémon video game. Swarms of teenagers, youngsters and adults are engaging. It’s an interactive game played on an Android or iOS device connected to the Internet. The player collects virtual treasures that are hidden at public places. Pokémon appear in the player’s real world surroundings through her/his device’s GPS system, camera and virtual reality technology. The player uses their device to locate “wild Pokémon,” throws Poké Balls to capture them and adds them to her/his Pokédex.

Once Pokémon are captured and trained, players locate Poké Stops to collect game elements and Poké Balls. Poké Stops are essential to the game. Pokémon Go progresses through stages, and at stage five players can join a team to battle at Poké Gyms.

Now, if you need to collect Poké Balls to capture wild Pokéman, you know where to come: LPL is where it’s at.

Contributed by Kari Albertson-Denison


Friends of the Library

There is a noon meeting today in the upstairs meeting room. Open to the public and anyone interested in volunteering at The Book Station and other Friends of the Library functions. 

Book-sorting, for anyone who would like to volunteer to help, is held on Thursday mornings at 10 a.m. 

Notice: The library will be closing at noon on July 28 so that our staff can enjoy the Central Montana Fair. See you there.

The Book Station

The Book Station will be open again next Saturday, Aug. 6 from 9 a.m.-2 p.m.


New to youth

“Study in Charlotte” by Brittany Cavallaro; “Ghostfaces” by John Flanagan; “Land of Stories: An Author’s Odyssey” by Chris Colfer; “Good Night Yoga” by Miriam Gates; “Good Morning Yoga” by Miriam Gates.



When do you think the snow will finally be melted in Lewistown?