Local cell phone scams on the rise

Dear Editor,

The News-Argus recently had an article about a scam. I think we had an attempted scam through our cell phones. So watch out. You see, my husband and I each received more than one text with the following message:

“This is Will. I am partnered with the company that installed your satellite. Better services are now available at your address. Can I call you to discuss?”

 I believe I sent a return text asking who they worked for and received no answer. Plus, we now have fiber optic cable from MidRivers and don’t even have a satellite.

We are also getting calls that look like they are from local people as they are prefixed with (406) 366-XXXX. These are calls from telemarketers that won’t let you get a word in edgewise. I usually just hang up as they won’t let you ask questions.

So be careful of unfamiliar phone numbers on your Caller ID and texts from people you do not know.

Pat Irish




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