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What’s your least favorite Halloween candy?
Tuesday, October 29, 2019
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Bre Warren and Eevee the dog: “Whoppers. I’ve never liked them.” 

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Chelsea Kilgore: “Dots. They stick to your teeth.”

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Laura Flugge: “Black licorice. I used to own a restaurant and I like real licorice flavor, but not the fake flavor of black licorice.”

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Ralph Mihlfeld: “Black licorice. You know that brownish-colored soft candy with the orange wrapper everyone hates? I like that. But I don’t like licorice. There’s not much candy I don’t like, but licorice is the main one.”

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Renee Stephens: “3 Musketeers [candy bars]. I don’t like that filling. But I love Salted Nut Rolls. The whole family does.”

On a cold and snowy Monday, the News-Argus took to the streets to ask people to take a stand against bad Halloween candy. According to our results, Trick-or-Treaters would like everyone to stay away from black licorice, and a few other choices.



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