Logging to begin in North Moccasin Mountains

A contracted logging operation in the North Moccasin Mountains is expected to start within the next week.

The Bureau of Land Management awarded a timber sale contract to RY Timber earlier this year for a project area northeast of Lewistown near the Kendall Mine.

The area will remain open, however visitors should be aware of commercial logging activities and log hauling operations in the area. 

“Although the area is not closed to public uses, we are asking people to please be aware that heavy equipment is working in the area and log trucks will be using the roads for hauling operations,” said BLM Forester Bruce Reid. “We are asking people to please be cautious and to be on the alert for oncoming traffic.”

Logging operations will be ongoing throughout the next year to 18 months. For more information, call Bruce Reid 538-1960.



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