Math, mechanics and more: Grass Range senior loving life

Charlie Denison

Grass Range senior Lukas Eickhoff is enjoying his senior year, playing football, having fun with algebra and doing mechanical work in his spare time.
Photo courtesy of Lukas Eikhoff


Grass Range senior Lukas Eickhoff, who lives on the Eickhoff Ranch 5 miles from town, fancies himself a handy man, doing mechanical work around home.

“I pretty much do everything,” he said. “I work on small engines, I rebuild old equipment and I weld together broken pieces for repair.”

Lukas learned a lot of his expertise from his grandpa, Wayne, who took him under his wing.

“I’ve been helping my grandpa with little projects here and there since I was twelve,” he said. “One day he said it’d be an interesting idea to take an old bike frame and make it into a little motorbike. That was pretty interesting. We took out a lot of the framework, put in sheet metal and heavier spindles, put in bigger gears and used some old lawn mower parts for throttle and brakes.”

All these projects have inspired Lukas. After graduation this May, he said he sees himself headed to Havre or Bozeman to study manufacturing technology.

“I really like this kind of work,” he said. “I’ve always done a lot of work with engines, particularly: cars, old tractors, stuff like that. I like taking something broken and tweaking with it; I like piecing things back together.”

Lukas also likes ranch work.

“I try to help any chance I get, whether we are sorting or branding or doing something else,” he said.

Ranch life is good, Lukas said, as is school at Grass Range.

“I’ve always been one for academics,” he said. “I even do extra math problems. I’ve always had a thing for algebra. There is something about challenging myself. I like being able to take something that’s complicated and reason it down to something that just makes sense.”

It’s fun to be challenged, Lukas said, whether at home, in school, doing something with mechanics or competing in athletics.

“I’ve been doing football since seventh grade and it’s plenty fun,” he said. “And, come spring, I’ll be doing throwing events and the 100-meter in track. I like track. I like that it’s more of an individual thing. People see me for who I am and not just as part of a team.”

But spring is still a ways away and, in the meantime, Lukas said he’ll be enjoying the moment, taking pride in his senior year.





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