Maybe we should lead the world by example

Dear Editor,
The latest in terror attacks seems to bring out the worst in people who normally show “Christian Values.”
We can never justify the use of brutal violence which radicalized terrorists increasingly use to send a message or to rectify a perceived wrong or slight.
The fault of these horrible, barbaric acts lies entirely at the feet of those perpetrating them. Yet, could more have been done to prevent these crimes against humanity?
France, like most of Europe, has led the way in allowing and, in fact, welcoming refugees from the Arabic (Muslim) war torn countries. Is this how they are repaid? If we welcome refugees will we, too, be repaid in the same way? If the history of welcoming refugees in Europe is examined, you will find conflicting messages. Yes, for generations they have taken in refugees in large numbers, but have they truly welcomed them? After living in European countries for multiple generations, refugees often exist in ghettos in poverty, hopeless disparity and isolation.
Does that justify terrorism? Never. It does explain the ease with which terrorists find recruits. Let us learn from their mistakes. Perhaps we should look at how we react, not only toward refugees but everyone. Do we run the risk of domestic terrorism if we do not end the way we treat people who are different than we are? If we continue to marginalize groups of people based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender and whatever group makes us uncomfortable, can we build enough walls or implement enough bans? If we want to be known as the “Christian” country I keep hearing about, maybe we should lead the world by example. Hint: Love thy brother as thyself.
Dean Martin



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