Millions on welfare depend on you

Dear Editor,
In this city of Billings, almost every business has a “help wanted” sign in its window, so I wonder why there are so many people on welfare. It seems to me that anybody can go to the welfare office and get their housing, medical and food all free.
You folks that work hard, keep working, there are millions of people on welfare depending on you.
The people working in the welfare offices are protecting their jobs. So they sign up as many as they can.
I worked from the age of about 11 to the age of 80. I took a few jobs that I didn’t like too well, but I needed to eat and keep a roof over my head.
Another subject: Where is the EPA when it comes to airplanes? They are the worst air polluters in the world.
Ed Bacon
Billings (formerly Hobson, Mont.)



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