Montana’s education plan submitted to Federal Education Department

After eight months of development and detailed public input, Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau has submitted Montana’s state plan to implement the new federal education law to the U.S. Department of Education for its approval.
The Every Student Succeeds Act or ESSA was signed into law one year ago. It reauthorizes the Elementary/Secondary Education Act of 1965 and replaces No Child Left Behind.
During the last year, Superintendent Juneau convened more than 30 parents, educators, and lawmakers from every corner of the state to develop a plan that gives educators the flexibility needed to continue moving Montana schools and students forward.
“From day one, my goals in developing Montana’s ESSA state plan were to continue raising graduation rates, improve teaching, learning and student achievement, support schools of greatest need, and improve non-academic outcomes for all students,” Superintendent Juneau said. “The plan I’m submitting to the U.S. Department of Education does all of those things and will measure Montana schools based on more than just a test score.”
Montana’s ESSA state plan places a strong emphasis on school climate as a way to measure the health of each public school.
“I appreciate the good work of Superintendent Denise Juneau and all the stakeholders who carefully crafted a Montana plan that strengthens public education and supports students, teachers, and parents,” said Senator Jon Tester, a former teacher. “By implementing this made-in-Montana solution we can increase local control of our classrooms and cut burdensome red tape that hinders creativity in schools.”
“I want to extend my appreciation to Superintendent Juneau, the staff at the Office of Public Instruction, and the stakeholders and members of the public who have worked diligently to craft Montana’s ESSA state plan over the past year,” said Governor Bullock. “This plan builds on and expands the great work already happening at our public schools and at OPI, and I am confident that this roadmap will provide all Montana students with access to a high-quality, well-rounded public education for years to come.”



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