Montana loves her teachers and school

Judy Thompson
Staff writer

With the interesting science room as her backdrop, Montana McCoy poses for pictures at Judith Gap School. Photos courtesy of Judy Thompson

Way back in May I headed out to Judith Gap to conduct interviews before students left for the summer. One student I interviewed then was a young lady by the name of Montana McCoy. She was 10 years old at the time of the interview, and told me her birthday is Aug. 30, so in just a couple of weeks she will be 11. I wonder how much she has changed over the summer. Montana lives right in Judith Gap, and had moved there two or three months before our interview. She has a younger brother named Bryan whom she spends a lot of time playing with. Last spring, Montana told me she liked all her teachers, but Mrs. Hajenga, who teaches fourth and fifth grade, was her favorite. The amazing Mr. Steinhardt, Judith Gap music teacher, taught Montana the basics of how to play the piano. Hopefully she will be able to continue that learning process this coming school year. Montana is a reader, with Percy Jackson being her favorite author and “The Stolen Lightning Bolt” being her favorite of Jackson’s books. Her reading genres include sci-fi, fantasy and books about animals. Cooking is one of her passions, with homemade pizza, homemade mac and cheese, puddings, brownies and cake being just a few recipes she’s conquered. Montana has traveled all over the United States in her young life, going to Virginia, Florida and Alabama to visit family. She visited Petrolia Lake to go camping for a week and rode in a pedal boat. When I asked her to name the most fun place she had ever been to, she told me about a hotel with a waterslide she went to for her birthday. I asked Montana where she would go, if she could travel anywhere. She replied the ice caves at Crystal Lake. When asked whom she would like to spend time with she replied, her Aunt Kayla. Favorite sports include basketball, soccer and going for walks with friends. Blue, lime green and pink are her favorite colors and “Kindergarten Cop” is her favorite movie. Montana told me she is learning how to tell time with help from her mom. I hope Montana had a great summer and is looking forward to the fifth grade at Judith Gap.


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