Montana Tech announces Fall 2018 Honor Roll

Saturday, January 26, 2019

At the Head of the Class

The following local Montana Tech students have been placed on the Honor Roll (HR), Dean’s List (DL), and Chancellor’s Honor Roll (CL) for the fall semester 2018 at Montana Tech in Butte, Montana. Students are listed by hometown.

A student who earns a 4.0 GPA is placed on the Chancellor’s Honor Roll. Those earning a 3.5 GPA will receive recognition for being listed on the Dean’s List. A full-time undergraduate student (enrolling in and completing a minimum of 12 credits) who earns a 3.25 GPA during the semester is listed on the semester Honor Roll.

The list of Honor Roll recognition of students from Central Montana schools includes: Barton Vaskey, Geyser (HL, DL), Haydon Hammontree, Hobson (HR, DL), Emily Bergum, Roy (HR, DL, and Natalie Sloan, Stanford (HR, DL).

Lewistown Honor Roll students are as follows: William Birdwell (HR, DL), Samuel Butcher (HR), Bradley Denton (HR, DL), James Derheim (HR, DL), Chase Farrar (HR, DL), Jessica Kelley (HR), and Matthew Welsh (HR, DL)



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