Moore senior encourages others to dream big and get involved

Charlie Denison


Moore Senior Kaitlyn Weinheimer is keeping her expectations high, excited for her future as a doctor. Weinheimer has been a leader at Moore School as BPA President and a member of all clubs the school has to offer.

Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Weinheimer



Business Professionals of America, FFA, FCCLA, National Honors Society, Montana Behavioral Initiative…are there any clubs at Moore School senior Kaitlyn Weinheimer isn’t involved in?

“I don’t think so,” Kaitlyn said.

The ambitious Moore native, who has grown up on a ranch and farm just outside of town, said she has enjoyed her small-town upbringing and looks forward to the next chapter: Montana State University-Bozeman, where she plans to major in pre-med.

“I want to become a doctor,” she said. “Ideally, I’d like to be a family physician.”

Driven and motivated, Kaitlyn has worked hard at Moore school, leading the way academically, challenging herself and her fellow students.

“I’ve only had one A- my whole school career,” she said proudly.

And why not be proud? She’s accomplishing an ambitious goal, and it’s taken an intense work ethic and much concentration. She learned these qualities from her parents, Keith, a farmer/rancher and LeAnne, a second grade teacher.

“My mom has helped me with my homework a lot through the years, and she always has the supplies I need for a project (laughs),” Kaitlyn said, “But, seriously, I’ve learned a lot from my parents. They’ve always said, ‘when you want something, you go after it with all your heart,’ and that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Kaitlyn’s parents’ philosophy is paying off. This year, Kaitlyn was named State Communications Director for BPA and was also elected FFA President. She is a leader, and she’s learned a lot by being put in such important, responsible roles.

“I’ve learned a lot of valuable communication skills,” Kaitlyn said. “I’ve learned how to manage, how to do public speaking, how to manage, and I’ve learned a lot about myself.”

Kaitlyn said going to a smaller school (she has 10 classmates in her senior class) has a lot to do with her remarkable resume.

“It’s definitely an advantage of a small school to get as involved as you want,” she said, “and I have enjoyed taking advantage of it. I think others should, too. Get involved as much as you can in high school. You only have one opportunity to be in high school. Dream big.”





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