Moore student’s dreams take flight

News-Argus Managing Editor

Bailey Stevens exits her plane after a lesson.

Photo courtesy of Bailey Stevens

Moore student Bailey Stevens will start her senior year in about a month, but she isn’t spending her summer resting up. In fact, the 17-year-old just got her pilot’s license in June and is renting a plane so she can continue to practice her flying skills.
What began as a simple airplane ride with a family friend when she was 13 has morphed into a potential career path for Bailey.
“My dad’s best friend took me flying when I was 13,” she said. “That plane trip changed my life – I fell in love with flying.”
Bailey began taking lessons in Laurel, and about a year ago she soloed for the first time. In June this year she received her pilot’s license, after meeting the qualifications. Those required her to fly in different conditions, such as cross-country and at night. Bailey had to demonstrate flying proficiency for a minimum number of hours in each of these different conditions.
Although she doesn’t have her own plane, Bailey is able to keep flying by renting one. In a perfect world, though, she’d love to own a Piper Cub plane.
“Those are pretty expensive.” she said. “They cost about $15,000 or more.”
Still, Bailey has her heart set on flying, and is even planning a future career around it.
“After I graduate I want to go to helicopter school in Caldwell, Idaho,” she explained. “I want to get my license as a helicopter pilot and work fire fighting or with EMS.”
Bailey explained the school will require both classroom work, done at a local community college, and flight time. Attending Silverhawk Aviation Academy will put Bailey at least 10 hours away from home by car, a first for someone who has completed her entire school career at Moore Schools.
Asked what her parents think of all this, Bailey said, “They love it.”
She says her folks, Dan and Krista Stevens, are not at all nervous about her choice of avocations. Father Dan is a welder who likes to build jet boats, and mother Krista works for an attorney.
As an only child, Bailey said she gets great support from her folks. The family also shares their home with two dogs, Abby, a lab/Weimaraner mix, and Marly, a mini-beagle.
As for this summer, when she isn’t flying off into the wild blue yonder, Bailey is working at the Hobson pool.


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