Moore Women's Club

The Moore Woman’s Club met at the clubhouse on Sept. 8. Gert Barta had the program. She asked Kaitlyn Weinheimer, a senior at Moore, to give her Girl’s State report. Girl’s State was held in Helena. Kaitlyn mentioned that she tried for an office in the Copper City and was appointed the City Judge. They had mock trials and she presided over them. They had fun things to go to such as the carnival and a football game. She really enjoyed going to Girl’s State and would highly recommend the junior class this year to apply to go.

On Oct. 13, Linda Barthol was program chairman and she asked our shut-in, Clara Allen, to go to Brook’s Market to eat with us and have our meeting. One of our projects this year is to cater to our shut-ins. Clara is a very special member of our Woman’s Club. Linda had purchased candies at Cabeles in Billings and our members really enjoyed them. There were very good.

On Nov. 16, Marion Hertel was program chairman. She asked Mamie Hertel to give her National FFA talk to Washington D.C. There were 300 students who attended the conference and five were from Montana; Mamie was one of them. She said it was the best week of her life. FFA is the future. They were able to see many places in D.C., namely, Arlington Cemetery, the Vietnam Cemetery, World War Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Declaration of Independence and the Reagan Center. Mamie told about diversity with world hunger. Three percent of the people are on the high class with five-star meals and the low class had just rice. They also attended the Library of Congress. They all wore their blue corduroy jackets in the 80-100 degree temperature, and their leaders made the comment; aren’t you very hot, and Mamie said they were but withstood the head somehow. Mamie said she really enjoyed the trip.

Jessica Horan talked about the National BPA Conference she attended in Boston, Mass. Jessica showed pictures of the buildings that she got to see, namely, the Boston Harbor, the World Trade Center, Independence Hall, Farmer’s Market, Boston Tea Party Ship, Cheese Cake Factory, the Boston Red Socks Baseball at Fenway Park, Dunkin Donuts which are found on every block. The Boston Library and World War II Memorial. Jessica said there were 5,000 students there at BPA. She was 22 out of 40 in speech.

At the state level in Montana, Jessica took prepared speech, word processing and fundamental speech in the state convention competition, receiving second. Jessica received first in speech at regionals. Montana had their 50th anniversary this year as an organization.


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