Mountain Men promise ‘shinin times’

Robert Tucker shoots his homemade .62 caliber pistol toward a balloon target during last year’s Snowy Mountain Muzzleloader Rendezvous.  

Photo by Doreen Heintz

It’s Rendezvous time again! From tomahawk throwing to flintlock and musket firing, the event promises to be both entertaining and educational.

The Snowy Mountain Muzzleloaders 13th annual Mountain Man Rendezvous begins this weekend, June 23-25, at East Fork Reservoir. The event is open to the public. Families are encouraged to attend, as children will be able to view demonstrations and even take part in mountain man activities. Each day’s events continue into the night with evening bonfires and a Saturday night auction.

In addition to firearm competitions and knife and tomahawk throwing, the event includes Traders Row, with vendors selling furs and other items reminiscent of the era of the mountain man. Traders Row also includes food items.

For more information visit the website or call Greg Greenwood at 366-0226. 



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