My ancestors are turning in their graves

Dear Editor,
I’m wearing a beautiful Democratic mule pin in honor of the good Democrats of the past and present. Why? Because in the 1950s the United States legislature passed a law that the Communists could not have a political party for electing a president of the U.S. Therefore, the Progressives-Socialists-Communists did not leave the U.S., but instead joined the other political parties. (If you were a Communist, wouldn’t you?)
The Republicans have the Rino members (Republican in name only.) It looks like the Democrats have had the party stolen, including the name, by those that believe that capitalists have no right to own their businesses, protect themselves (own guns), health or educational choices. The government will own the businesses, decide who lives or dies and pick the schoolbooks, etc., which is a form of stealing future generations from their parents. This puts the government in the position of a god. That is what Hitler did.
Communism is very anti “God of the Bible and Jesus;” but any or all the other gods are okay. Have you noticed that ISIS moves into Christian communities and kills everyone? Communism also results in millions of people plundered or murdered because the ruling classes pay no consequences. It results in guns taken away from those who oppose the rulers and Communism results in political correctness–which is an attack on free speech.
Most of my ancestors were Bible readers, Democrats, Independents, Whigs and Republicans. My ancestors owned businesses or were landowners doing their own work, some with mules (not as pretty as mine), and they fought in most wars. Yet because of what is going on in American politics right now, my ancestors are all worn out from turning over in their graves.
Bobbie Cox



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