My Turn - Bring on Fall

For many us in Central Montana, summer is the best time of year. It’s when we work and play outside, enjoy the clear sunny days, and are thankful that winter is still several months away.   

But this year, I am already looking forward to a change of seasons.  

I realized that at 4 a.m. Thursday morning, when I was jolted out of bed thinking our house was on fire. 

It turned out the house was fine, but the fan blowing wildfire smoke into our bedroom window made me feel like I was sleeping next to a campfire. 

By the time I went downstairs a few hours later, my eyes were burning and there was a haze hanging over the town. My wife was watching TV and informed me there was big new fire north of Winnett. It seemed appropriate when she said they were calling it the “Crying Fire.”  

This fire season has already felt like a long one, and we might be just getting started. The forecast into early August all looks the same: hot and dry. 

The heat wave during the past month has been hard on crops, grass and people, but long stretches of hot weather are not too unusual for Central Montana. Most of us just try to stay cool and get through it - others actually enjoy the heat. 

But I don’t know anyone who likes the smoke. It burns the eyes, it’s tough on the lungs, and it makes it seem even hotter outside. Hotter and more miserable. 

I love summer, but I have had enough of this one and the smoky wildfires that have come with it. 

Bring on fall. 


Where is your favorite place to go camping in Central Montana?