Nature reserve won’t help our economy

Dear Editor,

I am very much in agreement with the letter written by Daryl Smith, concerning the American Prairie Reserve trying to buy up Central Montana. In my opinion they don’t produce any food, just raise prairie dogs and buffalo for sight seeing. We can consume buffalo and any other wildlife with a hunting license, which doesn’t feed our nation.

When I was growing up we were taught when you lose agriculture, you lose your country. We have the cheapest food in the whole world, and we in the business would like to see it stay that way, thanks to farmers and ranchers.

A nature reserve and tourism is not going to help our economy (it never has). Will they pay taxes and maintain our roads to keep our people here? We want to keep our small communities and Lewistown, as well. I hope people realize what will happen with a Serengeti in this area. It all started with the Breaks Monument and is certainly encroaching on our way of life.

The BLM is a rancher’s best friend, and we hope they keep backing the old cow.

Marjorie Boyce

Winifred, Montana



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