New banners mark shifting season


Mid-Rivers Communications employee Luke Kolar installs a winter banner on Lewistown’s Main Street.

Photo courtesy of Patty Thompson

Winter officially starts Dec. 21, but downtown trees have already donned their seasonal wardrobes. The town has too, aiming for a more wintry look with new winter street banners.

The Lewistown Arts and Entertainment District Association purchased the decorations with summer fundraising efforts. From the spring’s Art Party, to a booth at the Chokecherry Festival, board members worked hard to earn memberships and money.

Along with a generous $1,800 donation, the summer proceeds bought banner hardware for the district’s last unadorned block, as well as an entire set of winter banners.

“We always kind of had it in the back of our minds to do a winter series,” she said. “It was hard to choose a design because the more elaborate a banner is in terms of size or colors, the more money it is.”

The donation allowed the board to opt for a larger, multicolor design. Mid-Rivers Communications and Fergus Electric Cooperative contributed time to switching out the seasonal pennants, and now, downtown Lewistown is decked out for the coming season.

Thompson and the board think banners add more than looks, though.

“All of the little things add up,” she said. “They make our downtown more attractive. They make it more attractive to people considering moving here, and they make it more attractive to people considering a downtown business. It also keeps current downtown businesses healthy.”



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