New cardiologist comes to Central Montana by way of Brazil

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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“I am a big fan of Montana. We love to be outside and feel Lewistown is the friendliest place,” said Dr. Martignoni.

Photo by Miriam Campan

After only one week at the Central Montana Medical Center, Dr. Felipe Villa Martignoni is already at home in Central Montana.

“I want to stay here for as long as I can. Lewistown is the friendliest place. We’ve never felt so welcome,” said Martignoni. 

Martignoni, his wife Jana and three children are building a home and plan to spend their first Christmas in it and in Lewistown. 

“We are living in Billings. I drive home on the weekends,” said Martignoni. 

“My wife is a pulmonologist, but right now is a full time mom. I thought it was going to be hard for her but she said being home is a lot less stressful,” Martignoni added.

In Brazil, Martignoni specialized in internal medicine and focused in cardiology. 

“I had a friend since we were teenagers. His dad was a mission president and he went to medical school in Brazil. I was complaining to my friend about the [medical] system [in Brazil], and he was very positive about Montana and how beautiful it was. I went to Billings for my residency, and in 2015 I restarted my medical career.”

Martignoni will continue to practice internal medicine, focusing on adult health care and cardiology. 

“I’ve been seeing internal medicine cases, normally the more difficult cases [such as] someone who was just admitted for COPD or diabetes that is very difficult to control.”

At the heart of his practice, though, is the heart.

 “I would like to focus on preventative and cardiovascular health,” he said.

“We are creating a CMMC bedside ultrasound training program for non-cardiologists. We are currently training medical students and doctors, and we are planning on expanding to other facilities outside of CMMC. The simulator [currently housed in the old Hospice House] will teach them how to use the cellphone ultrasound technology. They can see the function of the heart and general function of the valves,” Martignoni said.

Aside from medicine, Martignoni also speaks two languages: English and his first language, Portuguese. 

“English is my second language. We speak Portuguese in the home. I want our children to have that,” he said.

Martignoni is prepared to embrace and live the Central Montana lifestyle.

“I want to learn to love the snow. But not when I’m driving,” he joked. “I want to learn how to hunt and fish. I’d like to hunt elk. I like meat. I also want to be able to fly fish . . . maybe someday.”

He also wants his children, Pedro, Gabriel and baby Julia, to have a childhood in Lewistown, “where there is freedom to safely ride a bike around town and not to worry about violence, traffic and drugs.”



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