New CFO at CMMC embraces new home

Miriam Campan
Friday, April 30, 2021
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Scott Merkle joined the CMMC team as their Chief Financial Officer, effective April 19.
Photo by Miriam Campan

From Alabama, and by way of New York, Michigan and Oregon, Central Montana Medical Center welcomed Scott Merkle as their new Chief Financial Officer. Merkle, who has two Masters degrees in finance and is a CPA, brought with him years of experience when beginning his new position on Monday, April 19.
“During my time, I’ve worked in really big hospitals and in critical access facilities like CMMC. I really love critical access in that they are small enough to spin on a dime and adapt to things like COVID. Things change so quickly in healthcare, and it is a great advantage that smaller facilities have more flexibility than the larger hospitals,” said Merkle.
On relocating from Portland, Oregon to Lewistown, Montana, Merkle does not anticipate any difficulty transitioning from big city living to residing in a rural community.
Merkle said, “My father was a country doctor in Alabama. I was the eldest of six children and I’ve always loved small towns. It’s nice to get into a smaller town where you really get to know people.”
Getting to know people is not only his first order of business, but brings Merkle joy.
He said, “I think one of my major challenges as the new CFO is finding my niche within the organization. My joy in my work comes from contributing and adding to the team. It’s important to know where the team is on the journey. With some of recent conversions and system changes at CMMC, I don’t want to cover already covered ground but to find out where things are and figure out where do we need to go. It’s a flow where everybody is doing what they can, from primary care all the way through to recovery.”
While Merkle familiarizes himself with the CMMC team, there is also the community and the county that he wants to embrace. He said he is impressed with the all the area has to offer. From hiking the Lewistown trails to exploring the Judith Mountains by car, he is eager to get to know his neighbors and to feel part of the community.
While he waits for his wife, Marichu Austria, to arrive, he spends free-time exploring his new home with two of their Yorkshire terriers, Jagger and Jessie.



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